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Lori B. Altman, PharmD.

  • Serving the Bayboro Community
  • 19 Years of Experience
  • Expertise in Immunizations


Bayboro Pharmacy’s mission is to provide quality, affordable, and individualized pharmaceutical care to our community in a professional and courteous manner. We strive to help our patients maximize the benefits of pharmaceutical care through education and accessibility of our resources while maintaining superior customer services.

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What Our Patients Love About Our Pharmacy

Defenitely high quality service. Bayboro Pharmacy goes above and beyond the call of duty. They treat you with respect and are very caring. They don't just fill prescriptions but they take the time to educate. They will help you in any way they can. We have trusted them for years.
Sharon W.
Love the home town feeling. Being I'm from CA, when I got here I love the small town, know you by name.
Betty M.
Great business. Fast, friendly and just plain awesome!
Doug S.

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