Why Bay Wellness?

For years, we have watched our patients' frustration with the current "health" care system. We feel your frustration as well and believe there has to be a better way. We've listened to our patients, done our research, tried our method out personally, and we believe we have a better option than "sick care" and "a pill for the ill". We are thrilled to be launching Bay Wellness in 2024! Healthcare is Local and Bayboro Pharmacy and Wellness Center has always been and always will be MORE than Medicine!

Is Bay Wellness for you?

If you are tired, stressed, overweight, sick, take handful of medications, experience poor sleep and inflammation (brain fog, pain, bloating) AND you are READY to make necessary changes to move the needle in the right direction, then this program is for you.

What is Bay Wellness?

Bay Wellness is an initiative by Bayboro Pharmacy and Wellness Center designed to help you become the BEST VERSION of yourself where you are thriving, energetic, happy, and healthy. Wellness is more than medications and physical health; wellness includes mental and spiritual health as well. Our approach at Bay Wellness is strategically making small, manageable decisions that continuously move the needle in the right direction towards a THRIVING life. This will be a FOREVER new you, happy and healthy, not just temporary "changes" until you meet a goal. That is why our program is individual and manageable. The work is up to you of course, but we are both your coach and cheerleader and will support you every step of the way!

Wellness Services


Wellness Programming/Classes

RESET! serves as a jumpstart to your new life, as well as helps troubleshoot and overcome obstacles along your journey. Jumpstart to your new life today!


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Our team will help keep you on track with monitoring of blood pressure, weight, Body Mass Index (BMI) and labs such as blood sugar, Vitamin D, B12, Hemoglobin A1c, and others!


Easypak Rx

Medical Grade Supplementation

Our team at Bay Wellness can help you understand what supplements you may need. Then and we will help you figure it out with a personalized recommendation.